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Cybersecurity Services

Don't wait for an attack to decide how to respond. Our goal is to provide you with the best network security protection possible while also keeping your unique needs and budget in mind.

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Business Continuity

We ensure your data backups are both automated and validated. When you no longer rely on human consistency and accuracy in your backups, you can rest easy that your data is secure and available when you need it most.

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Cloud Services

PCC provides cloud services and implementation so you can take advantage of these technologies. Make your workplace more mobile and agile with the cloud services we offer.

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Managed IT Services

With a flat monthly fee that meets your budget needs, you can trust that all of your IT issues will be covered and resolved quickly. Forget budget blowing IT problems, and because we don't charge by the hour, you never need to worry about the cost of calling us.

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Microsoft 365 Support

Our Microsoft 365 support and services offer organizations of all sizes an affordable, easy way to scale their business infrastructure quickly, boost productivity, and save money. With powerful collaboration tools that allow employees to share and edit documents from any internet-enabled location across the globe, you can truly do business anywhere at any time.

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VoIP Services

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) enables your employees to make crystal clear phone calls while experiencing the added benefits of our Nextiva VoIP system. With VoIP, you'll enjoy phone calls, video calls, fax for signatures, and more.

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Technology Hurdles Will Always Hold Your Business Back

Cyber Security Threats
Knocking at the Door

Too many small businesses mistakenly think they won't be the target of a ransomware attack — and then aren't prepared to respond when it happens.


Two of the biggest mistakes companies make are having the wrong tech... and then not getting the most out of the tech they do have at their disposal.

Repeat IT Issues &
Long Response Times

There is nothing more frustrating than having to fix the same issue over and over again. If your IT company is repeatedly working on the same problem, then they are not solving the issue.

With Pacific Computer Consultants,
You Can Expect

We are the SF Bay Area’s Best IT Company for Small Business!

We pride ourselves with offering “White-Glove” service. Our technicians have deep expertise and experience working with the applications that you use. Your applications need to work together harmoniously so you can provide extreme service to your clients. We understand that you have high demands on your time and resources, and we have built our service delivery to be best in class for that reason.

Easy “We’ll Take Care Of That” Support – Guaranteed

Our “own it all” strategy means we’ll support your ENTIRE network and own any problems with outside vendors (Internet, phones, etc.) to eliminate communication gaps, project delays, incorrect setups and “that’s not my problem” finger-pointing. That means the only thing you’ll hear from us is “we’ll take care of it” (never “that’s not our fault/problem”), and then we do what we say we’ll do. What a concept! EASY.

Reduced Cybersecurity Risk

We can’t guarantee you’ll never face a cyber attack, but we can help you become a smaller target. Plus, should a cyber attack ever take place, you will be ready to respond quickly & effectively.

No Geek-Speak Guarantee with Friendly, Competent Techs

We’ll explain what’s wrong and what’s needed in plain English. Our techs will never talk down to you or make you feel stupid for asking questions or not understanding what they’re talking about. Every team member receives yearly training on customer service in addition to technical training.

We Treat All Support Requests As “Top Priority”

We respond to any support request as fast as we can, so you aren’t waiting around for hours - or perhaps days - to get a problem resolved. We provide our Best Effort to all support requests, regardless of business size. No more waiting for an onsite technician to visit or for a pre-determined amount of time because your problem is not viewed as important.

Security First Mindset

Imagine being able to focus on running your business instead of trying to solve your tech problems. We will help you keep your tech up to date and will ensure that you are getting the most out of the tech that you do have.

You Deserve a Cure For Your IT Headaches, Not a Band-aid

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The Pacific Computer Consultants' Plan

Step 1

Conduct a Security Audit

Our IT and tech security experts assess your current security strength through a series of questions and an easy 5-10 minute test. Part of this process allows us to see what an attacker would see if they got into your computer. When we identify those vulnerabilities to your organization, we know exactly how to reduce your risk. Once we have completed the assessment, we show you those potential security risks and our suggestions of how to build your defense against cyber threats.

Step 2

Shore Up Your Defenses & Business-Critical Challenges

We launch an agreed-upon IT security plan that fits your budget. As we gather all necessary data and contact information, we begin to order and install security tech that will allow your company to work safer and more efficiently. While installing firewalls and other security programs, we provide training for your team to identify and avoid sophisticated cyber threats.

Step 3

Optimize Your IT To Carry You Into The Future

Once you are secure and equipped to respond to cyber risks, we work with you to build an IT road map that will carry your company into the future. We perform a deep dive audit that will bring you up to industry standards and set you up for success.

We Know How Much Goes Into a Growing Company.

To have all that wiped away by a cybercriminal is devastating.

At Pacific Computer Consultants, we believe you deserve a cure for your IT headaches, not a band-aid. This is why we have spent almost 20 years servicing customers in the San Francisco Bay area. Our technicians hold the most up-to-date certifications on expert IT solutions and cyber security for small to medium-sized businesses.

We understand how hard you have worked to build your company. We also know that having that hard work wiped away by a cybercriminal is devastating. We will assess your current security realities and identify places for improvement. While we install state-of-the-art security programs, we will provide training that equips your team to identify cyber threats and avoid falling for their tactics.

Stop worrying about downtime, financial loss and a damaged reputation. Instead, stay in control of your business with Pacific Computer Consultants’ responsive and expert IT support and cyber security. Instead, stay in control of your business with Pacific Computer Consultants' responsive, expert IT support and cyber security


Unmatched White Glove Service

Our original relationship with PCC started years ago when we were looking to expand our ACT software. To say that the service is superb would be an understatement. Our company didn’t comprehend the quality difference between Pacific Computer Consultants and their competitors until we tried a different provider. And boy, did we regret it. We were riddled with issues and breakdowns with our new provider AWOL.

It wasn’t long before we came back to PCC and felt at home again. When working with PCC, you get spoiled with their White Glove service. Instead of just providing a service, you feel like they know you as a person and as a company.

When trouble arises, which with tech is bound to happen, I know with confidence that I will receive a call back quickly and that everything will be handled with ease.

It’s true, you get what you pay for. And PCC is worth every penny. They really are a wonderful company. We love working with them and highly recommend them to everyone.

Dalit Broner, Director of Operations Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement

Proactive, Professional and Quick Response

If you are looking for a technical solution where the company works as a team who also works directly with your employees, then consider Pacific Computer Consultants.

Their staff takes care of everything. If they run into a software they have not seen before, they go directly to the source. They also keep detailed notes of previous interactions, so they can get known issues completed quickly instead of starting from scratch.

PCC is a proactive, professional team with the expertise and quick response time to make sure that your systems run smoothly and have minimal downtime.

Donna Lopez, Firm Administrator Sallmann Yang & Alameda

Increased Efficiency by Outsourcing Support

Before we found Pacific Computer Consultants, we handled our IT support internally. This required time and money to staff and monitor this position. Since switching, there has been a reduction of cost and wasted time, allowing us to efficiently focus on growing our business.

We are extremely impressed with PCC’s quality of support and prompt turn around, along with their holistic approach to how they manage our IT infrastructure.

David and his team are pros and I would highly recommend them to any size firm needing IT support.

Derrick Lozano, Vice President Pacific Coast General Engineering


CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional Certified Ethical Hacker Microsoft Certified Professional MCSE Windows Server

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