Is the cloud right for your business?

If you think Cloud Computing is simply for large organizations and enterprises, think again. Small and medium sized businesses in Silicon Valley and beyond are now taking advantage of the cloud. Why? Because it offers organizations of all sizes an affordable, easy way to scale their business infrastructure quickly, boost productivity and save money.

With powerful collaboration tools that allow employees to share and edit documents from any internet-enabled location across the globe, you can truly do business anywhere at anytime.

However, we understand that many small and medium sized businesses still share a few major concerns when it comes to cloud adaptation: it will be too confusing, may cause downtime during implementation, or simply may not be the right fit for their company. These are out of date views. The cloud is the perfect solutions for smaller businesses.

Because Pacific Computer Consultants Incorporated exclusively caters to small and medium-sized businesses, we understand the unique challenge your organization faces with cloud adaptation. And to be completely honest, the cloud isn’t the right solution for every business. But it certainly has helped many of the nearly 90% of businesses who have adopted it. That’s why we encourage you to talk with one of our experts and see if this powerful solution is right for you.

If Cloud Computing can benefit your company, however, you will be delighted by:

  • Reduced monthly costs
  • Streamlined system management
  • Greater flexibility and the capability to up- or downscale in line with your business
  • The ability to work from anywhere and at any time and still access the files and apps you need

The cloud has helped thousands of businesses across the globe take their organization to the next level of profits and growth. Find out if it can do the same for yours today.

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