Accounting IT Services is designed to support firms with compliance of generally accepted accounting principles of The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). We also understand the importance of staying in front of IRS regulations, especially for small businesses! Not only is your digital security important to keep within standards, but also in serving clients, and making sure their information is kept safe.

Efficiency and accuracy matter, especially when it comes to compliance.

IRS regulations can be a complex pain to keep track of when your team is small and focused on client work. Even when a violation is unintentional, it can negatively affect your firm. Having an IT services team to monitor, update and upgrade, and secure information is an important part of an accounting firm’s business plan.

Whether your accounting firm is full-service, tax preparation, auditors, risk assessment, or bookkeeping, you can benefit from Accounting IT Services to support making systems more efficient and secure.

PCC specializes in Accounting IT Services.

We are dedicated to making sure accounting firms in the East Bay are equipped with the latest accounting software and security. Our technicians are specialized in serving accounting firms just like yours, offering workstation support, compliance monitoring, network and data security, and software updates that are compliant with industry and government standards.

How Managed IT Services Supports Accounting Firms

Our Managed IT Services supports accounting firms in the East Bay area by providing simple solutions to complex problems. We are your go-to team for technology issues.

The goal is to support growth, increase efficiency, and avoid technology-related headaches. We’re working 24/7/365 to monitor servers and systems so that you can be away from the office without worry that a workstation needs upgrading, software needs updating, or that data is at-risk.

Whether your team is in the office full-time, hybrid, or remote, we have flat rate Accounting IT Services to support whatever your firm needs including:

  • Cloud Services. Moving from in-house to cloud servers so that no matter where your team is working, they have access to client data and can work together.
  • Compliance Standards. You shouldn’t have to stress yourself wondering if your firm has violated standards. We’re constantly educating ourselves so that we can protect your firm’s information.
  • Decreased risk of ransomware attacks. Thousands, if not millions, of dollars are spent every month by accounting firms whose data was hacked. Not only does it cost in ransom, but it also costs in reputation. We can help.
  • Less downtime. Forget about the days of having to upgrade each computer. Now we can update remotely during off-peak times. This means servers and software are kept updated so there is less downtime for your team.
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy. Accounting firms count on us to increase efficiencies of processes so their team can be as accurate as possible. Because of this, they are better able to expand services, take on more clients, and grow their business.

Our flat rate services mean that you never have to worry what Accounting IT Services cost you every month. You can budget for the times when you need more storage and assistance, like tax season, and back off when it is less busy.

Collaborating with you, we discuss what’s working and where there are technology challenges to develop and implement a plan that works for your firm, and the budget.

We support accounting software including QuickBooks Enterprise, Lacerte, Engagement, CCH software FreshBooks, Sage 50cloud, and Zoho Books, as well as standard administrative software like Microsoft 365 which includes MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, and Outlook.

Contact PCC at 925-261-3908 to learn more about Accounting IT Services today!

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