Ever since they first arrived on the scene, human beings have been busily building things. Whether fabricating a road, a bridge, a dam, a family domicile, a shrine for worship, or a place of business, builders throughout our history have made use of the best materials and technologies available to them at the time. We even name the key epochs of our history after these materials and technological advances: the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and so forth.

Thus, from Stonehenge to the Parthenon to Chartres Cathedral to the Empire State Building, each lasting monument conceived by our species represents a revolution in the construction industry.

And our current epoch—the Digital Age—is no different. Without computers, the immensely tall glass-and-steel towers that practically define our 21st-century cities would be inconceivable. And without the specialized project software that runs on those computers, the most distinctive examples of modern infrastructure would remain the stuff of dreams.

Construction IT Tools You Can’t Live Without

It runs the gamut, and serves everyone involved in the construction process, from banks and investors, to architects and contractors, to accountants and inspectors. Much of it is software-based and encompasses most of the key aspects of construction, including:

  • CAD
  • Cost estimating and financing
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Procurement and scheduling
  • Project management
  • Worksite coordination
  • Team collaboration
  • Inspection and quality control
  • Regulatory and safety matters

Now, What If It All Went Wrong?

Pacific Computer Consultants knows that architects, builders, project managers, and subcontractors depend on a reliable information technology infrastructure. It is vital that all construction-related applications, as listed above, not only function but function together seamlessly—all the time, everywhere, whether at the job site or in the office. Project web portals, cloud applications, blogs, and productivity tools are supposed to keep construction companies, their staff, their subcontractors, and their clients informed and up-to-date on key project elements.

When any of the them fail, the project risks falling behind schedule, costing everyone money and putting valuable reputations at risk.

Try Our Managed Construction IT-as-a-Service

In the construction industry, time is money. Buggy software, slow or insecure networks, and a breakdown in communications with staff and subcontractors are the ways that contracts get cancelled. Project managers, cost estimators, and your team supervisors need fast, dependable, 24/7 access to their software tools and project documents. Network downtime is not an option.

We understand the challenges your company faces. Supervisors, estimators and your sales team need 24×7 access to their computer tools. CAD, estimating and other software must be properly integrated. Your network must maintain uptime.

Pacific Computer Consultants Is Dedicated to Your Construction Company’s Success

We will deliver a managed construction IT plan and set of best practices, custom-tailored to your needs and budget, that is designed to:

  • Establish a secure and stable network for your business
  • Protect against unauthorized intrusion
  • Regularly back up valuable digital project files and data
  • Ensure the mutual compatibility of your project software

In sum, our goal will be to support every aspect of your construction IT needs, improve the efficiency of your project workflow, minimize downtime, and save you money.

Let Us Help Your Business Prosper with Professional Construction IT Services

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