Modern educational institutions are increasingly reliant on technology for day-to-day operations, which means that education IT services are more important than ever. Your faculty needs to be able to seamlessly connect to students through digital means as often as they connect in person. And with records kept online, you can’t ignore the importance of having a robust cybersecurity system.

Digital technologies have been adopted into our education system at a rapid pace over the past decade. Are your education IT services keeping up with that? Choosing the right team to manage your IT needs is more crucial today than ever.

Having the right plan in place allows you to ensure you are providing the best for your faculty and students, wherever and whenever they are learning. If you want your students to stay on track, you need to make sure everything is secure and working efficiently at all times.

Education IT Tools That Keep Your Institution Running

  • Digital Education Tools
  • Student and Faculty Computers and Tablets
  • Assessment Software
  • Student Record Keeping Software
  • Budgeting and Accounting Software
  • Payroll Services
  • Paperless Tools
  • What Happens If Something Goes Wrong?

    If any of the tools you use to run your educational institution do not work seamlessly, your faculty will not be able to provide students with the education they need. Not to mention the fact that a lot of the tools you use hold sensitive personal data that needs to be protected. Making sure that the tech you rely on for day-to-day operations works when you need it is essential for your institution. A failure causes disruptions for students and faculty, and it also makes your institution look bad.

    Try Our Managed Education IT Services

    Your students cannot pursue the education that you offer if there is an outage or disruption. Neither can your faculty cannot do their jobs and help their students when they need it most if your systems are unreliable. And hackers are hard at work trying to access the sensitive personal information you have in your records.

    We understand the challenges your institution faces. Your faculty and students expect to be able to access their work 24/7. They count on you to keep their records safe. You cannot afford any downtime.

    Pacific Computer Consultants Is Dedicated To Your Education Institution’s Success

    We will deliver an education IT services plan and set of best practices, custom-tailored to the needs and budget of your institution, that will:

    • Establish and maintain a secure and stable network for all your computing needs
    • Support for tech tools and devices used in the classroom
    • Cybersecurity protection
    • Regular back-ups of important data and files
    • Maintaining and updating essential software

    Our goal is to support every aspect of your education IT service needs, improve the efficiency of your online learning systems, protect your faculty and student data, and ensure you can continue to provide a top-of-the-line education to the students you serve.

    Let Us Help Your Institution Prosper with Professional Education IT Services

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