One of the fundamental, cornerstone principles of the American legal system is the concept of attorney–client privilege. Black’s Law Dictionary defines this common law concept as a “client’s right to refuse to disclose and to prevent any other person from disclosing confidential communications between the client and the attorney.” In the days before computers and email, to maintain the confidentiality of such sensitive communications, one could easily lock them in a safe or otherwise physically conceal them from prying eyes. Think of it as old-school legal IT.

With the advent of email communications, computer networks, and cloud computing, all that changed. For a law firm working with the electronic tools typical of a 21st-century office, it’s like walking through a dangerous neighborhood with hundred-dollar bills sticking out of your pockets. It’s too much of a temptation. Various types of malware, viruses, and hackers could be lurking around every corner, plotting to take your organization down—along with your clients and their interests. Your company's digital security is under constant threat.

Get Cybersecurity Help from IT Experts

Every industry has specialized IT needs regarding software support and cybersecurity. And that goes double for the legal profession. Thanks to Pacific Computer Consultants’ extensive experience working with other law firms of various sizes and practice specialties throughout the Bay Area, we have a unique understanding of the demands and challenges that law firms face in today’s information technology arena. For that reason, PCC offers a broad array of comprehensive legal IT services tailored specifically to law firms and professional practices in this region.

It Starts with Secure Infrastructure

Imagine that: spending less time worrying about network vulnerabilities and loss of valuable data, and more time concentrating on meeting the needs of your firm’s clients!

Your attorneys and support staff retain full control over the technology on which your office runs, including desktop computers, mobile devices, applications, networks, and servers. The only difference is that PCC will work in the background to manage, maintain, and support that infrastructure. The goal is to identify and then eliminate vulnerabilities in the systems your law practice relies on to serve your clients.

The Advantages of Managed Legal IT Support

The most important thing to understand is that we don’t provide cookie cutter IT services. Rather, we customize our services to your law firm’s specific demands. Our suite of legal IT services will save your firm time and money by:

  • Providing ongoing technical support for complex computer and network systems
  • Setting up regular backup-and-restore protocols for your valuable data;
  • Hosting data and applications on either a private or public cloud;
  • Maintaining key systems and functions, and upgrading them as needed; and
  • Automating routine but mission-critical tasks.

Best of all, our legal IT support is scalable, delivering only the services you need now while at the same time planning for future requirements. As your law firm grows, so does your level of service.

Let Us Help Your Law Firm Succeed with Professional Legal IT Services

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