Manufacturing IT resources are about high availability. Reliability and growth depend on systems working well and being efficient. We partner with manufacturers to streamline their operations. We offer coverage and support all day, all night, and every day of the year for your technology, processes, and business continuity needs. We want you to endure and more importantly, we want you to flourish. We don’t start from scratch. We work with the tech you have. Then, we help you to leverage the latest digital technologies to transform your manufacturing business and keep you near the cutting edge of a changing industry.

Protect your non-profit and make things simpler with our IT services.

When considering protections and technical services for your non-profit, having a solid IT department is one of the most important steps to take. Nearly all aspects of a business are run by IT or need IT assistance to keep them running.

With this in mind, many companies choose to outsource their IT needs to a company that has the necessary experience and dedication to make IT their sole focus. This allows you to run your non-profit without having to employ and maintain a full IT team. Our managed IT team provides the necessary services your company will need to keep your data and sensitive information secure, avoid errors or system breakdowns, and help you stay as profitable as possible.

Non-Profit IT services help your business answer questions like:

  • How do I protect my company and its important data from breaches and infiltration?
  • Does my company need an inside or external IT team?
  • How do I keep my imperative data backed up?
  • How Do Our Services Work for Your Non-Profit Company?

    When you own a non-profit, ensuring your budget is dedicated to the right services is absolutely necessary. With IT services from Pacific Computer Consultants, our team ensures you won’t have to spend significant amounts of money on an in-house IT team or worry about threats that may occur when your IT team isn’t working.

    We provide externally managed IT services to save you money and maximize your company’s stability, efficiency, and safety. You’ll have the following benefits by hiring our team for your IT needs:

    • Your day-to-day operations won’t be halted - our team works 24/7 to ensure you’re protected and running properly, so there is never time spent waiting for IT to fix an issue
    • Information is stored and protected securely – no more worrying that one person or team holds the keys to the technical infrastructure of your company. Our team doesn’t manage everything on one system and keeps your company safe and protected without the need for an in-house IT person.

    Cybersecurity Protections

    Another facet of our IT services for non-profit businesses is cybersecurity. This is absolutely critical to not only keep your business and its systems up and running but also to keep your data secure and protected.

    With hackers and criminals looking to steal information in a multitude of ways, having a cybersecurity team monitoring and protecting your company’s information is critical. Our team protects your non-profit from the following:

    • Ransomware Attacks
    • Phishing
    • Hacking
    • Viruses

    Our team ensures that your Bay Area non-profit doesn’t have to suffer the exorbitant costs associated with hacking and phishing.

    Other IT Solutions for Your Non-Profit

    In addition to protecting your company and keeping things efficient and secure, we also offer all services for all other IT needs within your company. This can include Microsoft 365 support which keeps your company functioning properly whether they’re in-office or remote by decreasing downtime and ransomware attacks as well.

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