Knowing We’re in Good Hands

The great thing about working with Pacific Computer Consultants is the comfort of knowing that if something happens on our computer system, we are in good hands!  We are a manufacturing company and deal with production issues daily.  When it comes to computer issues, we are happy to leave those problems in the hands of the PCC specialists.

Being familiar with our systems and our needs makes this small firm far superior to the larger firms.  They are on top of the latest upgrades and keep our system up to date making it safer, easier and more secure than ever before.

I am so pleased to be working with David and his crew!

Karen Beato, VP Production

Available, Responsive and Competent

As a boutique law firm we have high demands on our time and resources.  Switching to Pacific Computer Consultants has saved us from quarterly server downtime and money lost.

Luckily, PCC knows everything about the tech-side, and they also understand the business-side of our world as well. They keep our computers and servers up and running and are incredibly responsive whenever the inevitable curveball gets thrown our way.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find better quality and service.  PCC knows their stuff, they care about doing it well and keeping their clients happy.  They have never let us down!

PCC delivers!

Andrew T Mortl, Esq., Partner
Glynn, Finley, Mortl, Hanlon & Friedenberg, LLP

Professional, Convenient and Readily Available

Dave’s IT army is amazing! They have been reliable, responsive, and convenient.

Compared to PCC, our last IT techs came into our office and spent hours trying to resolve issues that the PCC team can fix remotely and with speed.  The billing was not consistent which would result in random large bills. Since switching to PCC, accounts payable is consistent which Mr. Becker, our owner, appreciates. I think that PCC’s ability to remote in and fix tech issues with quickness is a huge plus!

The team’s top-notch IT competence combined with the convenience of their easy ticketing system provides a reliable well-oiled machine.

If you are considering PCC and are on the fence, all I can say is DO IT. You won’t regret it.

Breanne Edwards, Paralegal
Law Offices OF Leonard S Becker, APC

IT That Won’t Impact Your Day

When I come into the office, I don’t want to have to worry about having IT problems. I want to turn on my computer and know that it will work. Pacific Computer Consultants makes that want a reality. They provide peace of mind by promptly fixing issues whether it is network related or individual workstations, keeping everything running smoothly.

PCC proactively works to prevent issues so we can have a seamless IT experience.

If you are looking for an IT solution that works and doesn’t impact your day, choose PCC.

Denae Budde, Managing Shareholder
Budde Law Group

After 15 Years, Multiple Upgrades, and 2 Office Moves- PCC Still Delivers!

After working with Pacific Computer Consultants for 15+ years and having them move our computer network TWICE, I have come to completely trust their recommendations. Since switching to PCC, downtime and serious IT problems are a thing of the past. Plus, they save us the time and headache by interacting with our vendors on our behalf to ensure we are always up and running smoothly.

When it comes to upgrades to our system, I know that they have our best interest at heart. They always have a relevant, legitimate reason for their suggestions and never recommend something simply for a quick buck.

The investment we make each month for them to handle our computer networks is just that- an investment. I do not even think about the dollar amount on the invoice because of the value they consistently deliver.

Michelle Ferber, Managing Shareholder
Ferber Law, A Professional Corporation

PCC Understands That Every Minute Counts

One of the major benefits we have found working with Pacific Computer Consultants is their Vendor Management Services. Having PCC handle the communications with our vendors eliminates downtime and has made vender “finger-pointing” a thing of the past. They speak to the vendors in their jargon and then come back to us and explain it in terms that we can understand. They take the time to explain the full solution and business implications for our firm.

Sharon Everson, Administrative Assistant
Law Offices of Donnelly, Nelson & Depolo

Support Through Thick and Thin

If you are an IT dependent business, like we are, then you need to go with someone you trust and who will be there for you. We have found that to be the case with Pacific Computer Consultants.

Our previous IT company was never available when we needed them and there was really no value to the services they were providing. PCC is there and quick to respond.

They keep track of the lifecycle of our products and when something goes down, they get in and fix it. If the issue is too large for a quick solution, they give us alternate solutions so that we can get up and running in the meantime.

PCC has helped us with big and little issues and are a company that you can trust.

Katherine A Alberts, Shareholder
Leone & Alberts

Reliable, Long-lasting IT Support

Pacific Computer Consultants, known to us as simply “PCC,” has been our sole, go to IT resource for nearly 10 years. PCC handles all our hardware and software needs and fields a well-organized support team that is quick to respond, patient and professional.

For anyone looking for a reliable IT firm, I would give PCC a call.  They have done a great job for us.

Donald L Beeson, Partner
Beeson|Skinner|Beverly, LLP

Unmatched White Glove Service

Our original relationship with PCC started years ago when we were looking to expand our ACT software. To say that the service is superb would be an understatement. Our company didn’t comprehend the quality difference between Pacific Computer Consultants and their competitors until we tried a different provider. And boy, did we regret it. We were riddled with issues and breakdowns with our new provider AWOL.

It wasn’t long before we came back to PCC and felt at home again. When working with PCC, you get spoiled with their White Glove service. Instead of just providing a service, you feel like they know you as a person and as a company.

When trouble arises, which with tech is bound to happen, I know with confidence that I will receive a call back quickly and that everything will be handled with ease.

It’s true, you get what you pay for. And PCC is worth every penny. They really are a wonderful company. We love working with them and highly recommend them to everyone.

Dalit Broner, Director of Operations
Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement

Proactive, Professional and Quick Response

If you are looking for a technical solution where the company works as a team who also works directly with your employees, then consider Pacific Computer Consultants.

Their staff takes care of everything. If they run into a software they have not seen before, they go directly to the source. They also keep detailed notes of previous interactions, so they can get known issues completed quickly instead of starting from scratch.

PCC is a proactive, professional team with the expertise and quick response time to make sure that your systems run smoothly and have minimal downtime.

Donna Lopez, Firm Administrator
Sallmann Yang & Alameda

Knowledgeable and Quick to Respond

Prior to working with Pacific Computer Consultants, we had challenges receiving support for IT issues quickly. Our previous IT company only worked at night. If an issue occurred during the workday, we would wait a whole day to be up and running again, then we found PCC.

PCC took the time to learn our systems to give us a personalized experience, and they prioritized maintaining and updating our systems. Every time an issue arises, their team is very responsive and on it quickly!

Choose PCC if you want a dedicated IT professional team that is knowledgeable and quick to respond to minimize your issues.

Dave Riccitiello , Owner
Golden State Bridge Inc

Increased Efficiency by Outsourcing Support

Before we found Pacific Computer Consultants, we handled our IT support internally. This required time and money to staff and monitor this position. Since switching, there has been a reduction of cost and wasted time, allowing us to efficiently focus on growing our business.

We are extremely impressed with PCC’s quality of support and prompt turn around, along with their holistic approach to how they manage our IT infrastructure.

David and his team are pros and I would highly recommend them to any size firm needing IT support.

Derrick Lozano, Vice President
Pacific Coast General Engineering