Protect what matters most in your business with a business continuity plan.

Working with your team, we assess the current plan, make necessary changes, and implement an updated strategy.

The PCC Business Continuity service provides the protection your organization needs in the event of a disaster. Using data backup, our team restores systems and employees can get back to work without a loss to revenue.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a plan in place, many small to medium size businesses don’t have one. It’s a big reason we began offering them to our clients. We want your business to be protected as much as you do.

Business Continuity services help your business answer questions like:

  • What happens to your business in case of natural or manmade disaster?
  • What is your business disaster recovery plan?
  • Do you know if, when, and where data backup happens?

If you’re still using USB hard drive backup, it’s time to consider other options for storing and securing data. Afterall, disks can be lost or stolen. What would you do if you didn’t have backups? For many businesses, they don’t know.

Not knowing can cost thousands in disaster recovery when there is no business continuity plan in place. If you’re in an industry that has compliance requirements, a breach could be disastrous in multiple ways for the business, including disaster recovery, fines per violation, and brand management. It’s time to consider another option.

Business Continuity service means your business is protected from disaster. Our plans offer:

  • Data backup and recovery
  • Solutions that work with your existing operating systems and software
  • No slowdown to internet connection, even while backup is happening
  • Offsite backup with security reporting

In other words, data is secure, protected, and monitored at all times and you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

Downtime means lost revenue, but not if you have a Business Continuity plan in place.

Business continuity planning means disaster recovery times are decreased. In the event of a disaster like a Bay Area earthquake or ransomware attack, business information is protected, and our team can restore operations using data backup. That means less downtime and more productivity.

Pacific Computer Consultants protect and restore data whenever disaster strikes.

Call us today at 925-261-3908 to learn more about business continuity, data backup, and disaster recovery services!

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