Your data is the foundation of your business.

Operational data is the foundation of your business. From customer and partner contacts to billing and financials - accurate and accessible information is the lifeblood of your operation. You may have proprietary information, sourcing, competitive analysis, designs, forecasts, business plans, and private information. A data breach would give your competitors an advantage and erode hard-earned trust and reputation.

This is why backup and data protection are part of your business continuation planning. Responding to your worst-case scenario is infinitely easier, when you have considered what could go wrong, how it may impact your business and how you would bring the issue to a quick resolution. From acts of God, to surprise cyber attacks, planning for the worst, and knowing your data is safe - is priceless!

Questions to ask about data backup and protection:

  • Who can access network directories and files?
  • How often are backups running?
  • Are all key systems and files preserved?
  • How quickly can you access that backed-up data?
  • What tools and resources will you require to restore and resume your business operations?

Business continuation planning is the sign of a mature business with plans to remain marketplace relevant for years to come. If you’re asking whether your backup is happening. If you’re wondering about access controls and how quickly you can recover from loss, we should talk.

PCC wants to understand your short and long-term goals. We ask a lot of questions before we start telling you what needs to be done. Beyond the tech, PCC is a competent team of communicators. When you partner with a managed IT service, you certainly assume the technical expertise - but you also need responsive listeners who will identify and educate you about opportunities.

How PCC data backup and protection services fit into your business continuity strategy:

  • Backup and security audits
  • On and offsite backup
  • Scalable cloud storage (increases as needs grow)
  • Integrated data recovery matching the business continuity plan

Backup and data security aren’t something you set and forget. These processes and policies are your biggest investment and most valuable savings account. Pacific Computer Consultants have been in this business for a long time. We can’t say we’ve seen it all, but it takes a lot to surprise us. We’re confident that through our time-tested audits, planning, and implementations we are setting your business up for the very best scenario even when you are faced with the worst. Every client we work with fortifies our approach to data backup and security.

Pacific Computer Consultants is ready to solve all of your technology issues and help to prevent future problems you may encounter. Bay Area businesses like yours trust PCC’s solutions, expertise, and support.

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