Is Your Organization Storing and Accessing Information Using the Cloud?

Whether patient information protected by HIPAA, proprietary architecture plans, or confidential client information, it’s time to consider cloud services. Less expensive than on-site servers, and less cumbersome than disk backups, Pacific Computer Consultants are the cloud consultants your East Bay organization needs.

Cloud Services offers a flexible option for teams to work together by increasing scalability and workflow efficiency. We’ve partnered with construction, legal, engineering, accounting, and architecture and design firms, to name a few, to offer this service. They’re utilizing the cloud, using information that’s stored offsite.

  • Easily accessible data.
  • Collaborate with multiple teams at multiple locations.
  • Scalable as your organization grows.
  • Managed by your PCC Cloud Consultant.

As a small to medium size Bay Area business, the idea of hiring a cloud consultant to manage cloud services can seem challenging. Adapting to using a cloud instead of saving documents on a hard drive is a different process but it’s not complicated. Instead of taking up space on a drive or in-house server, you’re able to save to the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Services

The benefits of cloud services for organizations of all sizes means decreased monthly costs, streamlined systems, and scalability.

The streamlined system provides easier access to the most used documents in the organization.

  • No Interruption to Your Day-to-Day operations
  • Faster and More Versatile Communication
  • No More Information Stuck on One Person’s System

Cloud Services gives your clients, customers, and patients access to what they need without interruption to your day-to-day operations. That’s a win for efficiency and for your employees who are constantly searching for what they need. Not only that, but it’s also a win for increasing productivity and profits!

Cloud Services offers small to medium size businesses the ability to store, manage, and share information that was trapped on an internal server or one person’s computer. Stop saving to disks and hire PCC as your cloud consultants!

For many years, we have been identifying and implementing solutions like Cloud Services for our clients. We’re dedicated to making sure your small organization has access to the same technology as bigger businesses.

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