Moving Your Businesses Operations To The Cloud

Moving aspects of your business operations to the cloud is a sound strategy. Taking the steps with Pacific Computer Consultants (PCC) gives your business agility and a competitive edge. The cloud delivers robust disaster recovery solutions, greater data security, team collaboration tools, and a clear return on your investment.

You know moving to the cloud is a strategy for building your brand and growing your business. But you likely have questions and hesitations. Continue reading to see why businesses wait to move to the cloud – and why you should feel comfortable taking this step with us.

Fears of moving operations to the cloud:

  • Ongoing fees and licensing
  • Your data isn’t safe if it isn’t physically in your office
  • How you can trust the cloud if you don’t know where it is
  • Disruption to employees and productivity
  • It’s a one-way street. Once you move to the cloud, you are stuck there

Moving to the cloud isn’t an all-or-nothing prospect. PCC walks you through a variety of options and scenarios. We seek to understand your business needs, listen, resolve concerns, and make appropriate recommendations. By the end of our discovery phase, you will have a complete understanding of the costs and timeline of moving your data and operations from one place to another. You will understand the concepts in a way that you can explain them to your team.

We want to empower you with a competitive advantage. This is why you choose to work with PCC. We know how to make your project run smoothly. We will train your business and be with you throughout the process. Learn what to expect when we move business operations to the cloud.

How PCC Moves Your Business to the Cloud:

The benefits of cloud services for organizations of all sizes means decreased monthly costs, streamlined systems, and scalability.

Thank you for choosing Pacific Computer Consultants as your partner. We have multi-industry experience spanning businesses large and small. We follow proven process and make commitments to ensure your success:

  • Discovery and SWOT analysis to understand your business needs
  • Identify what applications, data, operations to migrate
  • Identify costs and savings
  • Outline each step in a plan
  • Move to the cloud with active monitoring and support
  • No interruptions to your daily operations
  • Ongoing support

Give your business a competitive advantage. Recognize new efficiencies and greater security. Access enterprise-class technology and tools you would not be able to afford on your own. Be able to meet today's needs with the assurance that tools will not only stay current but will evolve with new features and be able to scale in real-time as your business grows.

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