Would you ask a stranger into your place of business and hand them your building keys as you head home for the evening? With our heavy business dependencies on network/internet connectivity, it is necessary to consider the data your business has created, stored, and is responsible for. Your small or mid-sized business is a prime target for attack. Hackers assume that your business is under-secured and overconfident. Don’t leave your network doors wide open. Work with PCC to secure them!

The Big Picture

With today's reliance on technology and specifically, network/internet connectivity, it is essential to identify and secure every piece of online information and data you are responsible for. Indeed, data integrity is one of the most important considerations for your organization.

Small to medium-sized businesses are targeted by hackers nearly as often as large businesses and corporations. A prevalent thought is that small businesses are secure because an attack would yield less than a similar attack on a large business. This is oversimplified. Bad actors (hackers) assume your small to mid-sized business is less protected and may use an attack on your organization for a quick payout or as a position to leverage in an attack on a larger organization. You need to protect your network security and know who has access to your sensitive data. Remember, even if you run a small business, you’re still vulnerable.

Network security paints a wide stroke. It includes software, hardware, policies, education, and best practices—all in concert to protect your network from unauthorized access. Security is everything! Consider your business data. This may include client information, and internal data (financial, strategic, competitor analysis, employee health information, and more). Are you OK with any of this information getting into the wrong hands?

Network Security Up Close

At a practical level, network security safeguards your workstations and other networked devices from dangerous spyware and unauthorized access—ensuring internal and shared data is protected. Once your network is observed by PCC, we may detect suspicious traffic, lagging, bottlenecks, etc …. In other words, when we survey your network, we may discover opportunities for improvement (fortifications), even if your network isn’t under attack. And we are ever poised to discover suspicious traffic or transactions that might sabotage the system.

Proactive vs Reactive

Statistics don’t lie. Getting hacked can put you out of business through a loss of reputation or of revenue. If we are organized and actively watching for an attack, we have a head start at early identification of intrusions or data attacks— and we stand a chance at making a preemptive early response. Without network security, bad actors can put misleading information anywhere on your website or within your business data. They may even encrypt/lock up your data and hold it for ransom until you pay. Undetected, attacks are exposed and will lead customers to feel misled, and partners to doubt your integrity. You may experience revenue loss due to extended downtimes or customer/client abandonment.

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