Threats & Preparation

If you conduct business online, if you store data, if you use computers to manage your business at all, you are at risk of a ransomware attack. Small businesses may lack the planning, protection, and training to dodge a disabling attack. Ransomware spreads rapidly through email or may enter your trusted network through unintentional downloads unknown by your staff. But the outcome can be reduced or eliminated through planning, process, and practice. Pacific Computer Consultants has the experience, reputation, and response to help your small business manage this scenario if it happens to you. Our service comes with a satisfaction guarantee. PCC will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems.

Preparing for ransomware

The cost of recovery, downtime, and reputation, is often greater than the cost of the ransom itself. Although no planning or cyber security will completely eliminate risk, with PCC you will significantly reduce the success of a ransomware attack. How can you prepare?

  • Include ransomware in your disaster recovery planning
  • Establish policy and procedure by training staff and scheduling drills
  • How you can trust the cloud if you don’t know where it is
  • Maintain frequent file backups
  • Implement measures to identify and stop ransomware attacks

Ransomware locks up your files and criminals attempt to sell them back to you. Pacific Computer Consultants Data Backup Solution protects your unlocked data on their own servers. If your business is hit PCC will help you quarantine your environment, prepare it for restoration and bring your data back to where it was before the incident occurred. Our offsite backups are all-inclusive. You get complete data backup for a single, simple monthly fee.

You’ve been hit by a ransomware attack now what?

Be calm. You have taken steps with Pacific Computer Consultants to plan and respond.

Capture a screenshot or a picture of the ransomware note. This helps PCC and law enforcement to identify the threat and will put you on a quicker path to resolution.

Stop activity on that machine immediately and isolate it by removing it from any network connection.

Contact Pacific Computer Consultants. We will disable maintenance tasks, freeze backups, reset machines and passwords, and get you on a path to recovery.

Report the incident to law enforcement. Quick involvement with PCC allows our team to define the scope, scale, and resolution of the incident.

If it happens to you should you pay?

Law enforcement recommends not paying. Paying the ransom could even be illegal because it provides funding for criminal activity. It’s better to engage with a professional response team like Pacific Computer Consultants and law enforcement. What happens if you pay? The attackers promise to provide decryption for your locked data. But as a business leader you should consider the promises of criminals:.

  • Payment doesn’t guarantee data will be restored.
  • If your data has value, it could be copied and sold.
  • On average, only a fraction of the data is recovered.
  • Encrypted files are often unrecoverable.
  • Recovering data can take weeks

If your business is hit by a ransomware attack, you can depend on Pacific Computer Consultants. We understand the urgency. From the initial response to your data being restored, we will be there to get your business back up and running.

Call us today at 925-261-3908 to learn more about cybersecurity for your business and how our managed IT services can help you!