Are you FINRA Cybersecurity Compliant?

Protecting investors means protecting their data. Maintaining strong cybersecurity is arguably the best way to achieve this goal. Cybersecurity is so critical it continues to be the key focus of FINRA—especially given the increasing frequency, and rising complexity of attacks.

The potential for harm to investors, member firms, and the markets is very high. FINRA expects your firm to develop reasonably designed cybersecurity programs and controls that are consistent with your risk profile, business size, and scale of operations.

Consider the questions below. If you answer No or I’m Not Sure to any of them—you likely have work to do. Pacific Computer Consultants will help you get it done.

  • Does your firm have automated monitoring, alerting, or both for suspicious logins?
  • Does your firm require multi-factor authentication for external access to systems?
  • Does your firm take preventative measures to defend against malware?
  • Does your firm keep offline backups of systems and data?
  • Are recovery capabilities tested on a regular basis?

That’s a lot to consider. FINRA evaluates your firm’s approach to cybersecurity risk management through reviews of your controls in a wide spectrum of areas including:

  • Technology Governance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Technical Controls
  • Access Management
  • Incident Response
  • Vendor Management
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • System Change Management
  • Branch Controls
  • Staff Training

Through these reviews, FINRA assesses your firm’s ability to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive customer information.

Benefits of a FINRA Cybersecurity Compliance Consultant

There is good news. You aren’t starting from scratch. You are likely better off than you think. We will assess your firm just as FINRA does. Together we will identify your firm’s strengths and its risks. Then we will develop a balanced plan and timeline to address your exposures and threats. And we’ll celebrate some quick wins along the way. PCC is an end-to-end consulting partner in compliance. This means you can lean on us for technical expertise and best practices and you can also expect us to help you and your employees become better educated about cybersecurity. Developing a more secure culture at your firm will pay back dividends. An educated staff can identify cyber threats and know how to manage incidents should an attack or data breach occur.

Once PCC has helped you to become 100% compliant. We will help your firm remain compliant, through updates, assessments, and continual monitoring.

We look forward to partnering with you in Compliance Services. Call Pacific Computer Consultants now at 925-261-3908 for a complimentary consultation!