Tired of being the IT Services person in your office?

Stop spending time updating each computer with outdated software and start subscribing to Microsoft products. Easily managed using the cloud, your team can also work, save, and share documents in the cloud. That means less space is needed on hardware and efficient file sharing.

PCC offers Microsoft support to businesses in the Bay Area.

  • Continual monitoring, updating, and maintenance
  • Flat rate pricing so you always know what to budget
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Cost effective enterprise-level support

We’ve been providing Office 365 Consulting to Construction, Legal, and Accounting firms and more for years. Our dedicated team of certified technicians works with you to understand your business so that we can provide top level service to your team.

Microsoft 365 Provides Many Benefits to Businesses

Microsoft 365 can make you and your staff's lives easier. It offers cloud-based software and storage solutions for you and your team. Your company gains access to a larger office productivity suite, including cloud access so you can use it remotely. We can help you implement these programs and offer IT support for your team.

Microsoft 365 also allows important files to be stored in safe locations in the cloud, so data loss is more preventable. Files can also easily be accessed by authorized parties from anywhere with an Internet connection. Being able to share documents without taking up space on individual computers and devices can make collaboration easier. The way the software functions allows team members to use the Microsoft the programs they know and love and then save the resulting files to the cloud instead of to their computers.

Whether we’re simply offering Microsoft 365 Support to your existing IT team or we’re also providing Managed IT Services as your IT consultants, we are here to create efficiencies and guide the technology of your business so you can focus on serving customers.

Ready to get started? Contact PCC today at 925-261-3908 to learn how your team can start using Microsoft 365 and Office 365 to manage day to day operations while we manage the technology.

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