Simple. Predictable. Effective.

Everyone loves surprises, but not when it comes to costly repairs. Whether it’s your car, a leak in your roof or broken IT, surprise repairs can send your mind into overdrive with questions like, “Can I still make a profit this month? How can I make up for this loss? Do I have to cut back on other plans for my business or personal life?” There’s nothing quite like a massive, unexpected IT bill that causes your anxiety to shoot through the roof.

Our Flat Fee I.T. Services throws this anxiety and worry out the window and replaces it with one predictable monthly fee that ensures budget surprises no longer wreak havoc on your organization. That way you’ll have the focus and peace of mind to run your business effectively.

We charge a single, affordable monthly subscription for all of your network management and remote problem resolution. We DON’T charge subscribers by the hour, so you never need to worry about the cost of calling us.

Say goodbye to days wasted worrying about unexpected expenses and how you’re going to pay for them...

Flat Fee I.T is here, and so is your peace of mind.

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