We’re Thrilled With The Service We Get From Pacific Computer Consultants After 11 Years, Multiple Upgrades and 2 Office Moves!

There are a number of reasons we love PCC. We never have downtime or serious IT problems anymore like we were experiencing in the past. They interact on our behalf with our vendors to make sure we’re always up and running smooth on all fronts. After working with them for 11+ years and having them move our computer network TWICE, I’ve come to completely trust their recommendations. They always have a relevant, legitimate business reason for the suggestions they’re making and don’t sell us a bunch of technology just because it’s “cool” to have or because they want to make a quick buck. The investment we make each month to have them handling our computer network is just that – an investment. I don’t even think about the dollar amount on the invoice because of all the value they have consistently delivered for more than a decade now.

Michelle Ferber Managing Shareholder
Ferber Law, A Professional Corporation

Attorneys don’t have time for downtime! Thanks to PCC downtime is a thing of the past. They have kept every promise and they made a lot of promises!

PCC understands that every minute counts. They quickly eliminated the random downtime that plagued our offices. One of the major time saving services for us is their vendor management services. We just had a conference call yesterday with a software company, PCC was on the call and they talked tech to each other and I didn’t have to get in the middle. Vendor “finger-pointing” is a thing of the past. PCC explained the solution, giving me the business implications with pros and cons for the firm, instead of tech jargon. We have been thrilled working with PCC. When we call their help desk, it is staffed with technicians that listen attentively and care about making sure we are cared for in the best way possible. They are so polite and professional that I look forward to calling them, instead of dreading the call to IT!

Sharon Everson Law Offices of Donnelly, Nelson Depolo & Murray LLP

We have virtually zero downtime, zero time spent internally on IT issues, zero time answering time-consuming questions from staff about how to do this or that, and basically zero time spent waiting for a call back.

We’ve moved staff to new buildings, changed our internet provider in one office, added about 50% extra staff (and computers), and all of it has run smoothly, on time, and without worry. They have coordinated with all of our other vendors that have anything to do with IT (phone, internet, business software, etc.); they spend the time on the phone with our vendors, not us. It’s a huge productivity boost.

Gavin Westberg Former Director of Operations
Pain Medicine Consultants